The first 100 Stars on GitHub

Criollo has recently just passed 100 stars on [GitHub]( Which is something that any open source developer with a repo out there can tell you is kind of a biggie. I started this project out of a selfish, childish and frankly a bit unrealistic wish I had ... continue reading

Making your first Criollo App

This is the first in a longer series of guides into using and developing apps with the Criollo framework. When learning a new skill, be it playing an instrument, learning a new programming language, a new development stack, I’ve found that it helps to have a specific goal in sight. continue reading

Bringing Cocoa to the Web

A few years ago I was doing a lot of web programming (PHP mostly) and a lot of macOS development. I was constantly switching between the two and it drove me mad. Seriously, I had come up the point where I was typing dollar signs in Objective-C and square brackets in PHP. continue reading