The first 100 Stars on GitHub

Criollo has recently just passed 100 stars on GitHub. Which is something that any open source developer with a repo out there can tell you is kind of a biggie.

I started this project out of a selfish, childish and frankly a bit unrealistic wish I had: to be able to make websites and web applications using Objective-C. I was quite unsatisfied with everything that I was using and I did find the idea of a compiled binary running server-side quite appealing.

I was hoping that other people might share my enthusiasm and that some of them might actually start using it and maybe help to improve it. With that in mind, I released Criollo to the world in April '16 without too much of a fuss: just a simple post on HackerNews. What happened next was far from an overwhelming outpour of enthusiasm but, even so, there was some interest. That interest started to grow gradually, steadily, organically and has been doing so ever since.

There were a lot of lessons that were learned while making it and, overall, it has made me a better programmer. The road is long ahead and I don't yet know which direction Criollo will take in the longer term, but one thing is for sure: there are still plenty of things I wish to do with it so I will continue the work for the foreseeable future.

I welcome anyone who wants to pitch in to get in touch. And for those that have used it in their products, do not hesitate to let me know how your experience was and how I can improve it.